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Hi Chris,
I just wanted to thank you again for such awesome entertainment! So many guests we amazed, as was I!
– Diana Suljak
Project Coordinator
Hi Chris,

Just wanted to reach out to you and Thank-you so much for making our event on Friday so successful and entertaining. You were absolutely amazing and everyone is still talking about how much they enjoyed your performance. The combination of humor and magic was out of this world!! You exceeded my expectations! It was a pleasure working with you and I will be following your Facebook page to find out where and when I can see you perform again J

(Thinking you will be hearing from Atlantic for future bookings as well)
– Erin
Atlantic Packaging
Chris Westfall, as usual, you were a huge hit and brought this party alive .... Thank you so much for the crazy magic and all the giggles and laughs ..... you truly were born to entertain and we can't wait to have you here for the adults show on girls night! (amazing magician/comedian folks, inbox me for info or have a look at his website www.chriswestfallmagic.com)
– Michelle Fleming
Wow, your ears must have been ringing yesterday when you left because all the boys couldn't stop talking about you. It was so cool to see them trying to figure out how the tricks were done. You certainly put on a fantastic show and anyone who is looking for a magician, I will certainly keep you in mind. Thanks again for everything and it was such a pleasure meeting you.
– Caroline
Everything went great!! I was so tied up I didn’t get a chance to say good bye to Chris. He was jaw-droppingly awesome as always and the kids had a blast. Not only is he a fantastic magician, but a comedian as well! The parents had a great time, too. Thanks for setting that up!
– Debbie
I just wanted to thank you again for a wonderful afternoon. The kids and adults alike were mind-blown and entertained by your performance. David told me that the kids were all talking about it at school today and were repeating some of your jokes. High praise, indeed!

Thanks again.
– Amalia Reef
Hi Chris, We saw you last week at Boston Pizza...you were great! Our son and his friend were still talking about you hours later.
– Irma
Thank you so so much for entertaining us today! We all had so much fun and couldn't stop laughing at your jokes! The kids couldn't stop talking about your magic (one girl actually made it a point that I give her mom your card because she loved the show so much she wanted to see it again)....and according to my nephews BEST PARTY EVER!!! We can't wait to have you back at my daughters party now! We were going through the pictures from today and the kids expressions were priceless! So thank you thank you thank you for the great job you did!!!
– Maham
We had a fairly large group, and it was almost everyone's 1st visit to Boston Pizza. There was a magician there that night, who was FABULOUS! He made the rounds to all of the tables throughout the night. Our group had adults and children, and he managed to fully entertain ALL of us. We are from Waterloo, but would make the trip back to this Boston Pizza if we could get a schedule of when he is there.
– Pizza and Magic Lover
Chris Westfall brought his Porcelain Princess tour to Whitecourt last night, at the St. Joseph Community Hall. He definitely delivered! Between over-the-head discreet adult jokes, a flashy & fun persona for the kids to enjoy, diverse stage props, to the actual illusion & fun of a magic show, this was a great night. Chris had 2 personas on-stage. One was a mad scientist trying to capture & outwit a beautiful onstage dancer/magic assistant, to the actual Chris Westfall who left children & adults alike in awe. He constantly invited kids & adults onstage to be assistants to his many tricks. He gave gifts to everyone participating onstage, whether it was a playing card to be autographed, to a magic kit – encouraging kids to learn some tricks for themselves and possibly pursue a dream. This was a true audio/visual experience, and is one that we will remember in Whitecourt. The crowd received the show very well, and the St. Joseph Hall was quite busy.
– Jerad Bowes
Great review
– Kevin Watson
Chris, Thank-you so much for Sunday's show, the kids all had a blast and are still talking about the magic show. Miguel was super happy with your performance and how funny it was that you had one of is socks. I hope you had as much fun doing the show as the kids/parents did.

Thanks again and keep up the good work.
– Anabela Lucas and family
Thank you so much for the entertainment! You are truly the "whole package, the real deal". Your talent shines through and all my guests had one common observation - where did you get that guy - he is great! (I didn't want to tell anyone that I was just lucky I chose you.)

You are dependable and professional, and in my book, that's everything!

Thanks again for a successful evening.
– Wendy
"Chris Westfall's is one of the best kids magicians in Toronto Canada! He is very professional, highly entertaining and is always a huge hit with the kids. Our clients are always looking to have him come back year after year! When looking for a magician in the Greater Toronto Area, look no further than the magic of Chris Westfall."
– www.magiciantoronto.com